My First Publication

10 thoughts on “My First Publication”

  1. Wonderful! Congratulations! Did you give credit to the pictures that you used on this blog and in your book?


    1. Thank you. The picture of the silhouette couple is the actual book cover. The others are random photos from the internet that I use for inspiration – something to visualize while I’m describing my characters. They won’t be used in the actual book.


    1. Thanks. The writing? I’ve been entertaining thoughts of writing for years. I have a number of unpublished stories. The anthology? I belong to an online writing group ( and one of the other members invited me to write with her and some other talented writers. My first response was, “who me?”. This particular story? I have about a dozen story ideas right now, and they all come to me out of the blue – from everyday experiences. I got this idea while answering a phone call at work. The entire story unraveled in my head from beginning to end!


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