Forbidden Kisses EBookOne taste is not enough.


According to the US military, their romance is forbidden.


Will they follow the rules? Or will they follow their hearts… and pray they don’t get caught.


Lt Parker is torn. The Navy pilot has fallen for a woman he didn’t know was his subordinate – which makes her off-limits. Layla is a Navy enlisted member, & being with her could ruin the lieutenant’s career. But he can’t resist her.






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15 Responses to Home

  1. I enjoyed this rollercoaster romance. This was an emotional endearing story. I read it in one day. Wow, a page turner with a humorous first meeting. I felt every heart-stopping moment. The beautiful love scenes were tastefully written. As a former Navy wife, I could relate to this story on many levers.


  2. sjlmorgan says:

    I. Need…Off Base, like, five minutes ago! You’re killing me here. Forbidden Kisses is aMAZing. I loved the pace, the premise, the chemistry, the desperation, the reunion…the teaser? Just WRONG ma’am, just wrong for that…hope Off Base fnds its way to being released THIS year. 😍👏👏👏👏👏 Bravo!


  3. Verona Burchall says:

    I can’t find off base is it out yet?


    • Sha Renée says:

      Hi Verona. The release of Off Base was originally planned for this year but has been rescheduled to 2019. I hope to release Steamy Connections and Properly Kissed this year. I’m also working on Remember Love.


  4. marissoule says:

    Sounds steamy. Love it!


  5. libra552014 says:

    Forbidden Kisses is great! Kayla and Ethan are a perfect match. Great storyline, loveable characters with enough chemistry to set my Kindle on fire. I’ll be watching for the next one!!👏😊


  6. C. K. Crouch says:

    I love already just reading this short piece.


  7. Dawn says:

    Forbidden Kisses is an awesome read! I fell in love with Layla and Ethan while learning some Military rules and regulations. Can’t wait for the next book!


  8. Julia360 says:

    Enjoyed perusing your site, good luck with your book. I’ll keep an eye out for it!


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