1489269888396Thank you for stopping by.  I’m a Romance author with several additional titles: Mom, Nana, Wife, Dental Assistant, Christian, Navy Veteran, writing group organizer, to
name just a few. Most days, I juggle my roles and responsibilities in an effort to get everything done, but ‘getting everything done’ is something that never happens. I struggle to achieve balance between my writing, my author activities and all other areas of life. It’s frustrating, but now that I have my Anchored Hearts Series planned, I need to keep working towards my goal of publishing the next book in the series.

Introducing the Anchored Hearts Series


Book 1: Forbidden Kisses 

What do you do when the person you love is off limits?

He’s an officer. She’s enlisted. A personal relationship is prohibited. Can military regulations separate lovers destined to be together?


Military regulations prohibit personal relationships between senior officers and their juniors. Violation of these rules is a serious offense. Unfortunately, for Layla and Ethan, they don’t discover each other’s military status until after they’ve already fallen for each other. With the threat of disciplinary action and their careers at risk, the lovers are faced with an impossible decision.

Layla is an enlisted member of the US Navy. On a weekend trip, she meets and grows close to the perfect guy. Her world is turned upside down when she later discovers he’s a Navy lieutenant, which means a personal relationship with him is forbidden. Is Layla strong enough to walk away from the only man to hold her heart?

She’s everything Lieutenant Ethan Parker wants, and during his darkest moment, Layla was everything he needed. Learning that a relationship with her is off-limits catapults the decorated officer into a place darker than the one she helped pull him from. Ethan is forced to choose between the profession that means everything to him and the woman he’s waited his entire life for.

Can military regulations separate lovers destined to be together?

Check out some of the reviews for Forbidden Kisses!

  • How can you go wrong with smokin’ chemistry, sweet love, and genuine esteem between two devoted {military members}?

  • Well written, fast paced, easy to follow, and quite enjoyable. I was invested in the characters and their dilemmas. I would enjoy seeing more of Ethan and Layla.

  • Forbidden Kisses is a fun quick read that will keep you with your head in your kindle just hoping that they find a way to get around the rules.

  • Forbidden Kisses packed quite the emotional and feel good punch. Not to mention some SIZZLING sexy scene goodness that was HOT HOT HOT!

  • Great premise for a military story, and it’s original. Sha Renée’s easy, and talented writing style had me addicted from the very beginning.

  • Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. I love the connection between Ethan and Layla.

  • Very well written with a very tantalizing plot and beautiful characters. Anxiously awaiting the sequel.




I’d never been one to break rules. But they seemed to matter less and less with every kiss. Every thrust into her softness. Every sigh she moaned into my ear. Of course, that wasn’t the case. There’d be serious repercussions. Yet, I couldn’t stay away from her.



“What do you think?” She strutted and twirled like a runway model.
“Wow, Layla! You look amazing.”
The slinky black dress was simple, but elegant. Cut just low enough in the front to allow her breasts to tease, and low enough in the back to draw my eyes to her perfect curves.
“I love it. This is the one.”
“I haven’t even tried the other one yet.”
“You can try it if you like, but this one gets my vote.” As Layla examined her reflection, I placed my hand on her ass, sliding up and down over the velvet fabric. “If you get this one, I won’t be able to keep my hands off you.”
Her luscious lips curved into a flirtatious smile. “Then maybe I will get it.” She looked at the price tag. “Or maybe not. Ethan, this dress is ridiculously expensive.”
“And you’re worth every penny.”
“I should at least give you half. Or we can go to a less expensive store.”
It was time to put my foot down. “Layla! I’m buying it. Now, go try on the other dress if you want, but we’re leaving here with one of them.”
“And when you’re done, pick out some shoes.”
She darted back to the fitting room.
“And lingerie,” I called after her. “Do you know they have panties that you can actually eat?”
While I waited for Layla to try on the second dress, the sales clerk who’d helped us earlier showed me a pearl necklace with matching earrings. “These will go with whichever dress she chooses.”
I looked over my shoulder to see if Layla was ready to model the next dress. She hadn’t come out yet, but what caught my eye caused a knot to form in the pit of my stomach. What. The. Fuck.
My heart pounded, forcing panic through my veins with every beat. I stood, paralyzed with fear, as Commander Murphy strode right toward me. Where had he come from? What was he doing here? We were several miles away from the base. I hadn’t considered the possibility of running into someone who knew us.
“Parker! How’s it going?”
I shook his outstretched hand and prayed he couldn’t detect the sweat on my palm.
“I’m good, Sir, how are you?”
“As good as can be expected. What brings you to this neck of the woods?”
“Oh. I, um… I’m picking up a gift. For a friend.” That wasn’t a lie… except Layla was much more than a friend. I tried to appear relaxed in spite of the alarming thoughts flooding my mind. Reduced pay. Reduced rank. Captain’s Mast. Dishonorable discharge. Confinement. “What about you, Sir?”
“I just received news last night that my brother passed away. We’re flying to New York in just a few hours.”
“I’m sorry for your loss, Sir. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do.” I had to calm my breathing, or he’d know something was up.
His brow furrowed. “Actually, now that you mention it, there is. I’ve been working out the details for an upcoming operation. I’d hate for my impromptu travel plans to impede the mission.” He took a step closer to me and continued in a lower voice. “You’re the only one with the security clearance to access it.”
“Say no more, Sir. I’ll take care of it.”
“Great. I really appreciate it.”
I stole a glance toward the fitting room, hoping Layla would stay put for a while. Please let the zipper get stuck. A squeaky door hinge set me on edge. Holy shit. This was it. The end of my career.

Book 2: Off Base (expected release – summer, 2017)

Home. Where every service member longs to be… or is it?

Layla and Ethan struggle to keep their relationship intact when conflict arises over their living arrangement, a situation which is further complicated by the resurface of an old love.


You met Layla and Ethan in Forbidden Kisses. You experienced their joy as they fell in love, the heartache of their separation and the bliss of their reunion. Follow the story as they struggle to define their relationship without losing their separate selves.

With advanced training for her military career completed, Layla is excited to return to Ethan. After a lengthy separation she learns he has plans for her and their relationship… plans she never expected… plans that change everything.

Ethan has endured a lot of heartache in order to have Layla at his side, in his arms and in his bed. Now that he has her, he refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of their happiness – whether it’s Layla herself or the resurface of an old love.

With trouble stirred up from the past and their differences threatening their future, will this couple have what it takes to remain committed to each other?

Off Base is the sequel to Forbidden Kisses and book 2 in the Anchored Hearts series.


Click here to read a sample of Off Base.





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  1. Forbidden Kisses is an awesome read! I fell in love with Layla and Ethan while learning some Military rules and regulations. Can’t wait for the next book!


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