See What’s Blooming at The Bowman’s Inn

Here is a great interview with Stacey Moore, one of the fine bartenders working along side Valentine Archer at The Bowman’s Inn.

Brandy Ayers is one of the talented authors of The Bowman’s Inn. She did a wonderful job conducting this amazing interview!

Happy Authors Guild

In honor of the imminent release of The Bowman’s Inn anthology I would like to sit down with one of the delightful inn employees. But first, let’s give you a little peek into what to expect from this sweet and sexy collecticover 4 couple 3on of stories:

In the city of Anteros, you might find yourself at the Bowman’s Inn. You could be lonely, hurting, or lost more than you know. The bartender, Valentine Archer, will know just what you need. He not only looks like a Greek god, he used to be one. Cupid prefers to be called Val these days. But he still knows how to mend a broken heart.

Six authors have combined their talent to bring you a collection of tales with romance, mystery and maybe a little humor. The delightful short stories feature characters who own or operate the facilities of the Bowman’s Inn or are just…

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