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#Veterans, #MilitarySpouse & #ActiveDuty, Thank You For Your Service!

Thank you for your service.” I still feel awkward whenever someone says those words to me. After all, I served in the Navy for only four years.  I didn’t get to serve on a ship.  I didn’t see combat. And I didn’t have a designated specialty.

What I did do is security watch, serve food in the Coffee Mess, wash planes, clean the offices and issue the tools and equipment needed to maintain Navy aircraft. Nothing significant.

I also got to see Spain and Italy. I made some amazing friends with whom I went out every week to clubs or bars. During Mandatory Fun, I met the man who would become my husband. Work was a blast. After work was a blast. My life in the Navy felt like a four-year party. So now, years later when someone thanks me for serving, I can’t help thinking, “But all I did was have fun,” as I sheepishly reply with a shrug, “You’re welcome.”

Recently however, a fellow veteran reminded me that every job in the military is important. We work together as a team. Some fly planes, some repair planes and some – like myself, make sure the tools needed to work on those planes are available when needed and accounted for when each job is done.  Imagine if a mechanic forgot to pack up one of his tools after working on an aircraft engine. If there were no one accounting for every single tool during each shift, an item could be forgotten in, on or near a plane and potentially cause serious injury to the plane or to personnel.

So even though distributing and receiving tools seemed insignificant to me, it was actually a vital function in ensuring the safety of my team.

I look back on my time in the Navy with fondness and I wish I’d served longer. teaser 2Those feelings of nostalgia are what led to me writing about military service members. In my first book, Forbidden Kisses, Navy Lieutenant Ethan Parker falls head-over-heels for a woman he meets while he’s on leave to attend his best friend’s funeral.  The stunning beauty offers him emotional support, even while dealing with a stressful situation of her own.  By the time he discovers she’s also in the Navy and that her enlisted status means she’s off-limits according to military law, he’s already in too deep to simply give her up. He must decide whether to break both their hearts by ending their heated romance, or keep their relationship a secret and risk his career.  Get it here! 

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have served, those currently serving and the military spouses and family members who love us.




What To Do on the Weekend

The good news is it’s the weekend. The bad news is this is one of the last few weekends before the end of the summer.  Now I know what you’re thinking: just because summer will be over doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy plenty of weekends. That’s true. Fall weekends are great. But you gotta admit, summer weekends have a different feel. Warm weather, longer days, more sunshine, more outdoor activities. You get to see your college-aged kids who are home for summer break. Younger kids who still live at home are on summer break and are probably a little more relaxed and more fun to be around. Wait… maybe not if they’re adolescing… and not angsty pre-teens… definitely not teenagers. Okay maybe elementary school kids are laid back and enjoying a stress-free summer. 
So since the weekend is upon us and the weather (in some places) is nice, what are you going to do this weekend?

Fun with friends and family

Fun for couples

You can even have fun on your own

There are a few activities I didn’t notice on the lists (Let’s face it, some things you just don’t have time or energy to do during the week.)
House cleaning
Laundry (not everything you do on the weekend is fun)
Couple going to have sexual intercourseSex (some activities are more fun than others)
Car shows – I prefer the kind with the fast, shiny imports
Air shows – I’ ve seen the Thunderbirds. Can’t wait to see the Blue Angels



And of course reading is always a good activity. No matter how you spend your weekend, make sure you enter one or both of my giveaways.

Forbidden Kisses EBookEthan is a pilot in the US Navy. He fell for Layla before he discovered she’s enlisted in the US Navy. According to military regulations, a  personal relationship between them is forbidden… grounds for discipline and possible discharge from military service.

Will this sexy officer and his beautiful enlisted coworker end their sizzling romance to protect their Navy careers? Or will they keep it a secret and pray no one finds out?

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Have a great weekend!

Finally – @UMHiram

Today I have the pleasure of hosting another fellow Navy Veteran, U.M. Hiram.  Her latest release is in my Kindle library and after reading this steamy excerpt, you’ll want it in yours as well.


Author: U.M. Hiram

Genre: Contemporary Romance Fiction

Release Date: April 4, 2017




After four years of love and trials, Michelle finally received the marriage proposal of her dreams. It seemed as if all was right in their world until Michael’s roaming ways caught up to him and caused him to make the worse possible decision of his life. Lives were forever changed and destiny played out in the most unexpected ways.


While the bags were taken to their master bedroom, Michelle made a beeline to the massive sized terrace that had a direct view to the vividly colored blue ocean.

Once everything was placed and Michael went over a few things with Armstrong, he finally had Michelle all to himself. Oh, what is a man to do? Granted, he didn’t miss the assessment that Michelle had made of their concierge but he wasn’t worried. Especially since he was getting ready to have her mind focused solely on him.

He took a few minutes and watched her looking out across the calm waters and breathing in the tropical air then made his way over to where she stood.

Placing his hands on either side of her body, Michael leaned over and whispered “Alone at last. Oh what shall we do?”

Michelle slowly turned to face him brushing up against his hard body. “Oh I can think of a few things that we could be doing right now. Let’s start with a hot shower.”

“How hot do you want it?” he asked searching her face.

“As hot as you can make it,” she replied in a sexy tone that had the lower part of his body reacting in a swift, hard manner.

With that she removed his right arm, opening up a passageway to make her way to the master bedroom. Pausing before disappearing into the huge space, she asked seductively “Are you coming?”

“Yes and you will be shortly.”

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About the Author UMHiramPic

U.M. Hiram is a self-published author, entrepreneur and retired Navy veteran. She enjoys writing, reading, sports and spending time with her family. Her writing experience includes articles, blogs, editing, interviews, press releases and poetry. Future endeavors include writing and publishing a number of books in the romance, poetry and inspirational genres.

Fast Lane PoetryThe Chronicles of Life Poetry and Food for Thought: Inspiration for the Mind & Soul are her previously published works. She also had a poem entitled “My Symbol” included in the compilation book Collected Whispers by The International Library of Poetry. Professional memberships include Romantic Times, The Independent Author Network and Association of Independent Authors.

Contact U.M.

Email authorumhiram@umhiram.com

Website www.umhiram.com

Time is Running Out

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1 offense.jpgHere’s a taste of Forbidden Kisses:
The music at Hamilton Lanes pumped loudly through speakers in the ceiling. Wavy locks hung around Layla’s face as she tied her shoelaces. She tucked the wayward strands behind her ear and smiled at me. “So, are you any good?” She’d caught me off guard, and for a moment, I didn’t know how to answer. That had to be an innuendo.
“At bowling?” A smile worked its way onto my face as I teased.
“What else would I be referring to?” There was no mistaking the flirting in her words.
“Could be any number of things.”
“Why don’t you fill in the blank how you see fit?” She retrieved a ball from the rack, letting her fingers graze my thigh as she slunk past me.
“Okay.” I held her gaze so she’d know I wasn’t joking. “Yes.”
“Yes?” She raised one eyebrow.
I closed her in by the ball rack. “I’m extremely good.”
“Fill in the blank as you see fit. The answer will still be ‘yes‘.”


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Second Chance

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When loving the wrong person is a criminal offense…

FK Cover

When Navy pilot, Ethan Parker falls for the woman he met at a coffee shop, he knows she’s the one he’s waited his entire life for. She’s sensual, sassy and smart. What he doesn’t know is she’s also in the Navy, and her enlisted rank means a relationship with her could get him discharged from military service.

While on leave from teaching at a top Naval facility, Layla Matthews tumbles head-over-heels for the sexiest man she’s encountered in a long time. The fact that he can hold an intelligent conversation is an added bonus. Her world is turned upside down when she later discovers he’s a Navy lieutenant. A senior officer. Her new boss. Definitely off-limits.

Continuing their relationship could ruin their military careers. Ending it would break both their hearts. Do they end the most exhilarating relationship either has ever experienced? Or keep their romance a secret… and pray they don’t get caught?

Forbidden Kisses is book 1 in the Anchored Hearts series!


My Least Favorite Position

I’ve decided to include something new(ish) on my blog on Fridays:

Military Memories

I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.

I remember Navy Boot Camp and the culture shock of learning to live with so many rules. One of those rules was to memorize the General Orders.  I especially remember number three. To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce.

Our Company Commanders spent a lot of time with us, but they weren’t with us constantly. They trusted us to do what we were supposed to. After all, although many of us – myself included – were teenagers, we were sailors. We were responsible… if we weren’t, we would be by the time training was over.

During boot camp, one of our many rules was that smokers were only allowed to smoke in designated locations at designated times. I’m not now, nor have I ever been a smoker. Oh, I’ve tried a few cigarettes when I was in my twenties, but smoking never became habit-forming for me. My guess is that I didn’t do it right… Oh well.

One fine Navy day, while our CC’s were away, the smokers decided to take a smoke break. They may have gone to the designated location, but since the CC’s were not there to announce, “Smoke Break”, it was definitely not a designated time. I know you must be thinking, “Didn’t they leave someone in charge?” Yes. Yes, they did. We had an RCPO – Recruit Chief Petty Officer. HOWEVER… our RCPO was a smoker.

Push-upsEventually, somehow, the CC’s found out. You’ve heard the term “Push-up position”? The women in my company became very familiar with that term… and that position. We had to assume and remain in push-up position. For how long you ask? Until our Company Commanders told us we could move. Yeah… that was a long time. Now in case you think we could raise our upper bodies just a little and not suffer too much discomfort, think again. We were instructed to make our dog tags touch the floor. They had to be directly perpendicular to the floor. They could not bend or slant. Let me show you.  Imagine the card in these images is my dog tag, extended from a chain around my neck.

While in this agonizing position, we were asked what General Order number three was. And we had to recite it. Over and over and over.

It went something like this:
CC: Push up position!
Recruits*We all hit the floor in position with arms bent.*
Recruits*We extended our arms and went high enough so our dog tags were just touching the floor.*
CC: What is General Order number three?
Recruits: To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce, Ma’am.
CC: I can’t hear you.
Recruits: (louder) To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce, Ma’am.
CC: What was that?
Recruits: (louder) To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce, Ma’am.
Recruits: *We bent our arms, faces to the floor, grateful for a few seconds before the command came again.*
Recruits: *We extended our arms and went high enough so our dog tags were just touching the floor.*
CC: What is General Order number three?
Recruits: To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce, Ma’am.

I can’t remember how long we did this, but it was not fun and we certainly learned our lesson. You may be wondering why the entire company was punished for something a handful of smokers did. Well… we were a company. We were a team. We were one. Besides, although the smokers committed the offense, we all knew about it. No one reported it. To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce. (Well, maybe someone did, because the CC’s found out somehow.) We all deserved it. I look back on that memory with fondness and gratitude to my Company Commanders.