My Least Favorite Position

4 thoughts on “My Least Favorite Position”

  1. When I went through basic in the army we still did the “female” push ups with knees bent. My hardest part was running. I have never been and never will be a runner. I hate running. I managed to get a waiver for that part of the final PT test. I also hated wearing the gas mask. Of course we were practicing in the day room. But, I’m claustrophobic and it upset me to put things on my face.


    1. Hi C.K. Yes! I remember the mask… or rather… being the only recruit standing OUTSIDE, because although the masks were one-size-fits-all, it didn’t fit me. LOL


  2. Love, love, love your comments today. Yes, I remember well Basic Training. For the army it was the shock of my life. Drill Sergeants yelling, “Drop! Drop! Drop!” can still strike fear through my body. Even after doing a gazillion push-ups and your arms were shaking, that Drill would command that you keep pushing until HE got tired. Even now, I will wake from a dead sleep and jump to attention if someone yells, “On your feet!” Who knew all that pain would do exactly as they made us promise–condition our bodies and minds. Good times. Good times.


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