No New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I stopped doing that years ago. I, like many others, would be determined to eat healthier, exercise more, spend time with family, get more sleep, drink more water, read my Bible, the list goes on.


And like many others with good intentions, I’d write schedules, create healthy eating plans, aim to get to bed earlier … but then life would happen. I’d finish work too late to prepare dinner, so we’d have fast food. They’re be a straight week of rainy weather so I’d lose my momentum for going for a daily walk.


I tend to be very hard on myself emotionally. When I’m not as good at something as I think I should be, I really beat myself up. So rather than set myself up for certain disappointment every year, I’ve resolved to do what I can when I can. This way I don’t end up hating myself for not going for a walk, of for having a slice of cheesecake.


The same applies to my writing. I used to try to plan when I would have a chapter of my novel completed. Or how many stories written by my peers I would critique on Scribophile. But this year, my only resolution – barring any specified deadline of course – is to do what I can when I can.


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