The Class. The Book. The Kid.

31297790_1822227741412612_7479682530916958208_nRecently I shared the news that I’ll be going to school at Advantage Career Institute for the next few weeks. For several years I was employed as a Dental Assistant and worked for the world’s greatest boss. The doctor and I have a few things in common, including both being military veterans, so we got along well and I loved working for her. I didn’t have a license to take dental x-rays, though, and when the doctor retired from the practice, the new owner terminated my employment.  She said she hadn’t realized I don’t have a license, so she was going to hire an assistant who does have one. I was a little disappointed, because really, who wants to lose their job. But mostly, I was relieved because working with this new doctor (AKA my step-boss) was the complete opposite of working with the boss I loved.

Since I would be eligible for unemployment benefits, I decided to get training for Dental Assisting, which would not only get me the license to take x-rays, but also provide me with even more knowledge than I’d received while working in the dental field. And let’s not forget the potential for increased $cha-ching! So I’m pretty excited.


I am concerned about my writing, however. I’m working on a short story which needs to be completed by July – just about the same time my class will be over. I don’t know how I’ll be able to write a kick-ass story, ace this class and keep up with the demands of motherhood, in addition to a gazillion other responsibilities, of course.

Follow the journey with me as I attempt to balance studying, my writing career, parenting and all my other responsibilities. Oh and I’ve somehow got to manage to keep my sanity. Cheer me on as I attempt to pass the class, write the book and keep my kid alive!




About Sha Renée

Sha Renée is a Navy veteran and author who creates stories on the pages where duty, honor and passion unite. With a growing affinity for social media, she created Unlimited Engagement to support those who need help building and managing an online presence.
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2 Responses to The Class. The Book. The Kid.

  1. janarichards says:

    Wow! You’ve taken on a lot, but like most women, I’m guessing you’re pretty good at multi-tasking. But don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Good luck!


  2. You’ve got this! May the Lord bless you


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