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1st Update: The Class. The Book. The Kid.

The Class

My first couple of weeks at ACI were really good.
I’ve met some great people,

learned a shit-load of awesome information

31398042_1823028867999166_5417500051561775104_nand even received an “A” on my first exam. I love the hands-on learning, which so far, has included

  • How to take a patient’s vitals
  • How to put a matrix band on a tofflemire
  • How to identify dozens of dental instruments (dozens more to learn)
  • How to mix dental materials
  • How to make a temporary crown

The Kid

As for keeping my kid alive, this is my blanket phrase for keeping on top of all things pertaining to 12-year-old boys – his hygiene, health, school work, social and emotional well being, chores, medical appointments, orthodontist appointments, clean laundry, food – lots of food – lots and lots of food. You get the idea.

I did okay for the most part. I got him to his appointments, cleaned and de-tangled his hair (yes, that’s a process and not much fun for either of us).

He has clean clothes for the week despite the fact our dryer is broken. I took him to his first piano lesson. And he tried a bite of pear for the first time. (Yes that’s a big thing for him.) I do owe him $10 now, however. But since he has an extremely limited diet, it’s so worth it. (seriously, he’s seen a nutritionist, gastroenterologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, allergist, psychologist and we still don’t fully understand his eating issues. So I’ve stopped dragging him to all the specialists and just encourage (and bribe and pay) him to try new foods.


The Book

Unfortunately, I didn’t make much progress in my writing. I’m working on a short story which will be released this year as part of an anthology, and while we’re not sharing all the details just yet, I can tell you it involves a sweet-spirited Black-belt who crosses paths and (trades punches) with a very sexy soldier.
I do keep the story’s music playlist on repeat play, however, so hopefully it’ll help me get those words onto my pages.

31501335_1823871614581558_7744223714299871232_nAs for me, I managed to hug my kids, kiss my grand-kids, visit my mom, attend my writing group meeting and fit in a few half-mile walks. But the one area in which I’ve done terribly (and I know you’re all going to yell at me) is getting enough sleep. One night last week (on a school night, no less) I only slept for one hour. I will try to manage my time better this week, though.

I’ll keep you updated.

Listen to the playlist for my upcoming story, A Stranger’s Kiss.


The Class. The Book. The Kid.

31297790_1822227741412612_7479682530916958208_nRecently I shared the news that I’ll be going to school at Advantage Career Institute for the next few weeks. For several years I was employed as a Dental Assistant and worked for the world’s greatest boss. The doctor and I have a few things in common, including both being military veterans, so we got along well and I loved working for her. I didn’t have a license to take dental x-rays, though, and when the doctor retired from the practice, the new owner terminated my employment.  She said she hadn’t realized I don’t have a license, so she was going to hire an assistant who does have one. I was a little disappointed, because really, who wants to lose their job. But mostly, I was relieved because working with this new doctor (AKA my step-boss) was the complete opposite of working with the boss I loved.

Since I would be eligible for unemployment benefits, I decided to get training for Dental Assisting, which would not only get me the license to take x-rays, but also provide me with even more knowledge than I’d received while working in the dental field. And let’s not forget the potential for increased $cha-ching! So I’m pretty excited.


I am concerned about my writing, however. I’m working on a short story which needs to be completed by July – just about the same time my class will be over. I don’t know how I’ll be able to write a kick-ass story, ace this class and keep up with the demands of motherhood, in addition to a gazillion other responsibilities, of course.

Follow the journey with me as I attempt to balance studying, my writing career, parenting and all my other responsibilities. Oh and I’ve somehow got to manage to keep my sanity. Cheer me on as I attempt to pass the class, write the book and keep my kid alive!