It’s National Author’s Day

November 1st is National Author’s Day.  Take a moment to celebrate, support and show appreciation for the authors who create the books you love! There are several ways to show your support:


Buy a book by an author whose work you haven’t read yet

This is a great way to discover a new author.


Write a review for a book you’ve read

This is one of the best ways to support an author. You might shy away from writing reviews because you’re not sure how or what to say. Here’s some help from Elissa Matthews, author of Where the River Bends:

Book reviews are the lifeblood of the Indie author’s marketing platform – we rely on them and check for new ones every day!  You might be put off the task of writing one, but a book review doesn’t have to be an extensive book report.  In fact, the most useful review (for both reader and author) is a short capture of your honest opinion. This review should include 1) a short sentence or two about your overall opinion, 2) some key details to illustrate (not prove) your opinion and 3) any additional information a reader might find useful, such as related books. When you’re done, post it everywhere – the author will really appreciate it.


Recommend a book/author to a friend

Let your friends and family members know about books you’ve enjoyed. They may love it just as much as you.


Share a book/author on social media

Social media is very popular. Since chances are you’ll be online posting photos of your kids dressed up on Halloween, why not include a mention of a book you’ve enjoyed, or an author you’ve just discovered?


And speaking of discovering new authors…

You just might find your next fave here:


Meiah Shaun, the author of Burnt Orange
Anne Kane, the author of A Deliciously Bothersome Cyborg
Sha Renée, the author of Forbidden Kisses
Alishia Curtis, the author of Sex and the Single Girl 
Alan Billing, the author of Death by Music
Scarlette Rayne, the author of Nocturne of Secrecy 
Angelia Vernon Menchan, the author of Grounded
Seelie Kay, author of Kinky Briefs, Thrice
T.J. Thompson, author of In Her Words




I’ll be spotlighting several authors throughout the month of November, so get ready for some great stories!


About Sha Renée

Sha Renée is a Navy veteran and author who creates stories on the pages where duty, honor and passion unite. With a growing affinity for social media, she created Unlimited Engagement to support those who need help building and managing an online presence.
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