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Today I’m thrilled to share a very spicy read with you. I’ve had the privilege of reading this story in it’s beginning stages and was immediately intrigued. I’m excited to learn how the story turned out.

Warning: Adults only!

Title: Voyeur in the Mist

Author: Sherry Terry

Genre: Contemporary Romantica/Erotica novella


Some women dream of flowers, of romance. Susan isn’t one of those women. Her secret dream is to be watched through her bedroom window. She tries her best to hide her desire, but her inner exhibitionist wants out. A chance encounter at the Dentist’s office might just be what Susan needs to finally get what she has always dreamed about. Now all she has to do is to convince the mysterious man to help her.

Justin’s life as a molecular biologist is on the fast-track to a promising future. He enjoys his quiet life, dating no one in particular, but that all changes when he bumps into a pretty young woman with kinky sexual ideas that skirt the law. Her exciting inclinations arouse him, filling him with an undeniable urge to join in her escapades.

Will they risk everything for an exciting sex life or play it safe?


She edged up his thigh, brushing her finger over his bulge. He gasped, and gripped her wrist, growing hard under her hand. The instant reaction made her heart race, and she rubbed a thumb over the tip of his erection.
He squirmed and glanced around. “Here?”
Lust washed into the pit of her stomach, pooling between her legs. Many times while at the aquarium in the past she’d thought about having sex in the tube. This might be her only chance, and doing it with Justin would be fun. She answered his question by going to her knees in front of him.
Looking up at his shocked face, she raised an eyebrow. “Sure. I happen to know that we are out of sight of any security cameras. It’s exciting, and taboo.”
“And how do you know that? You’ve done this here with other guys?”
The look of hurt in his eyes made her fall in love with him. “No! I’ve never done anything like this with anyone. A friend works in the IT department here, I’ve had lunch with her several times and she showed me around.”
He relaxed. “So. I’m your first. Good to know.”
Looking up at him, she smiled, flirting with her eyes. “You’re my first at everything we’ve done so far. I’ve waited a long time for someone like you.”
His strong hand cupped the side of her face, the warmth of his fingers spreading through her. “You’re so beautiful, and wild.”
She struggled a moment with his zipper before getting the fly undone. He fished his erection out of the opening, his flushed face and hungry, dilated eyes spurring her on. She wrapped her hand around him.
He groaned and adjusted on the bench.

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Cover Author: Clarissa Yeo at Yocla Designs



Bad Things by Jace Everett

Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield

Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues

Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye 


An interview with the characters of Voyeur in the Mist – Susan and Justin

Susan, if you could go back in time, what one thing would you change in your life?

I wouldn’t hide who I am. I would be more open and spend more time with like-minded people instead of hiding and feeling like a freak. As an adult, I would stop trying to make that side of myself go away. Be who you are. If I could go back in time and change one thing, it would be to live my life as I am, not as who I think people want me to be.


Justin, what are people’s first impression of you?

I’m easy going, friendly, I don’t have trouble getting a date, and I have a great job in molecular biology.


Susan, what is your favorite song?

Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson.


Justin, do you see morality as black-and-white, or with shades of gray?

Morality? Some things like murder or stealing is black-and-white. It’s wrong on a legal level and a moral level. What some people consider moral in the bedroom is every shade of gray on the color spectrum. No one wakes up one day and decides to be turned on by something most people find of low morality. As long as all parties involved are of willing participants of legal age, who is to say what’s wrong or what’s rights. That’s between the people involved.


Susan, what would you like it to say on your tombstone?

She lived life on her terms.

About the Author

1554394_1600334090215995_6202896096714900672_nSherry Terry lives on Red Bull and sarcasm in a small town in Texas with her
hermaphroditic cat named, Hermy. As a single mother, she put herself through college
and worked as a Radiologic Technologist for almost twenty years before she gave it all up to be a bum. In her Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, she spends all of her time writing the next greatest romance novel to hit the market. Her blog is dedicated to helping aspiring writers with how-to articles and awesome research links.

Author Interview

What do you think makes a good romance story?
The journey, the discovery, and the angst of falling in love. I love historical romance where I can escape into a time and place I’ll never be able to visit. In real life there are bad times and good times, I want to read characters who feel like they are real people. Good looking, yes. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the more the characters are attracted to the other is what I find romantic. They could both have hairy warts on their noses for all I care. I like flawed characters.

Historical romance means research, and in its own way requires you must build a world not familiar with today. How do you go about world-building for your stories?
I love the research part. I usually get an image of a sex scene in my head and go from there. I have a story about a female pirate and her gentleman slave. I got the whole idea from the flash of an image in my mind of a bound man riding in a wooden cage being pulled by a horse at night. I wanted to write a pirate story, but I wanted the woman to be the bad guy.

I started researching the history of pirates and picked a year to set the story. The research is where I get my ideas to build the world of living on a pirate ship in 1729. What they ate, what they wore, their weapons, who they attacked, how they spent their money… In order for the story to feel real, the setting (world building) must be real. I get lost in the research as the more I discover, the more plot ideas I get. I have to set a timer nowadays.

How are you publishing your writing and why?
I plan to self-publish my work. It’s the only way to have total control over everything. It also means I do all of the marketing and promoting, and I pay out of pocket for a cover and formatting, but I don’t have to give someone else a percentage of the sales (other than what Amazon and others charge to give you a place to sell it).

I’m not knocking traditional publishing, but just what do you get in return for giving them a lot of your profit? You get editing, a cover, and a place to send people. Some small publishers are offering good royalties, but most offer something like 8% last time I checked. In today’s publishing world, the author does most if not all of the marketing and promotions. The money spent on a cover, formatting, editing, and advertising is made back in sales if you put out a good product.

I learned how to make my own ads for the advertising, and I joined an online writing group where I get awesome critiques and edits for free.

Covers are as low as $50 or learn how to make a good one. Formatting is $50 or learn how to use a template to make the story an EPUB. I spend $100 on a story. I can make that back with less than 30 sales.

Do you have any advice for other authors on how to market their books?
Market yourself as a real person. You’re not marketing your books; you’re marking you – the author.

Nothing turns people off faster than nothing but BUY MY BOOK posts. Start early by creating some social media profiles. I have had my author Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, and a blog for 2 years. I post to Facebook and Twitter every day, something funny or a picture or an ad for my book or a promotion of someone else. It can be anything other than personal information about your personal life. What you had for breakfast, did you read a good book, random stuff. You can talk about your writing, your story, stories you like.

Interact with others by liking, responding, and sharing their posts.

Facebook is a great place to market and promote yourself. I suggest creating an author profile instead of a page. With a profile, people can friend you and interact with you. On an author page, all you do is post. People follow it for information. Interacting with people draws more action to your work.

Keep your personal life and your author social media separate. Do not post pictures of your kids on your author Facebook. Your author Facebook is going to friend everyone and join groups with thousands of people.

For Pinterest, I make a board for my stories and fill them with pictures of ideas and the setting and the people in the story.

You can create a website/blog for free and use it for your publications. You don’t have to blog but it’s a good place for your fans to find all your work and keep up with when you publish.

Be active! People can’t find you if they never see you around social media. It takes me about 30 minutes a day to post and interact on Facebook and Twitter.

What is your favorite way to avoid writing?
Looking online for pictures. I love to scour places you can get royalty free pictures to use for my Pinterest and book advertisements. I only plan to do it for a moment, then hours have gone by. But, I have tons of great teaser pictures I can use for graphic ads and book trailers, so that’s a plus.

Contact Sherry Terry








About Sha Renée

Sha Renée is a native New Yorker who joined the US Navy right after high school. She now lives in New Jersey where she creates stories on the pages where duty, honor and passion unite. Sha loves meeting people and attends book-signing events and conferences whenever she can. She also enjoys networking with other writers and is a member of RomVets (military women and veterans who are writers), Liberty States Fiction Writers and Marketing for Romance Writers. She is also the creator and organizer of Emerging Authors of New Jersey. A true nature lover, Sha enjoys spending time outdoors, usually with a camera in her hands. She has a passion for motorcycles and sports cars and is a fan of auto racing, military air shows and The X Games – pretty much any high-speed activity involving wheels or wings. She hates cooking, loves music and believes every day should include a cup of hot coffee and a glass of chilled wine.
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