Your Best Kiss Ever

The Story of a Kiss Anthology went live today! (That’s author talk for “Today is Release Day).   Throughout the time I worked on this anthology, my co authors and I have been focused on … well kisses. On our Facebook page we posted videos of amazing movie Kisses (Ryan Gossling is my fave). We … Continue reading Your Best Kiss Ever

The Countdown Continues

The countdown continues. Only 30 days until the release of the Story of a Kiss anthology.  Here are some more of the stories included:   At Long Last ~ Leslie Kung Janny and Tom grew up together, but right before their friendship could turn into a budding romance, life and gravity pulled them apart. When the … Continue reading The Countdown Continues

The Countdown

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve started the countdown. No. Not to 2016 itself, but to the Story of a Kiss anthology which will be released in 2016 – February first, to be exact. Have you seen the trailer? Have you read the blurbs? Here are just a few of them. I’ll share … Continue reading The Countdown

An evening of romance ends in tragedy Every Room of the House Part 4

Mitch paced the hospital waiting area, anxious for information on Raven’s condition. Periodically he glanced at Jack, who’d said nothing and did nothing except sit staring at the floor. What was he thinking? Why hadn’t he said anything? Then again, maybe it’s better that he didn’t say anything. Both focused their attention the doctor who … Continue reading An evening of romance ends in tragedy Every Room of the House Part 4