My Fall Newsletter

From our table I watched Ethan’s performance. His eyes locked on mine as his song started. When he sang the first line in acapella, my heart laughed, danced and cried. The music started and the audience cheered. UB-40’s version of Can’t Help Falling In Love featured a slow reggae beat that everyone wanted to move to. I watched, transfixed as he sang to me. Me. He was singing to me. Was he saying he was in love with me?

Ethan was beautiful and so darn sexy as his hips rocked to the reggae beat. He sang and danced like he could feel the music. As if it flowed through his body the way it did mine. His eyes, his movements and his words seduced me. Continue reading My Fall Newsletter

Story of a Kiss

  Story of a Kiss is an anthology in the Contemporary Romance genre targeted for a Valentine’s Day release. Thirteen authors. Thirteen stories. Thirteen kisses you’ll never forget. The idea is the brainchild of Taylor Sullivan, author of Home to You   . Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing you to some of the authors … Continue reading Story of a Kiss

An evening of romance ends in tragedy Every Room of the House Part 4

Mitch paced the hospital waiting area, anxious for information on Raven’s condition. Periodically he glanced at Jack, who’d said nothing and did nothing except sit staring at the floor. What was he thinking? Why hadn’t he said anything? Then again, maybe it’s better that he didn’t say anything. Both focused their attention the doctor who … Continue reading An evening of romance ends in tragedy Every Room of the House Part 4