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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

If you know me, you know I love coffee. Recently I came across some interesting facts about my favorite drink, so I’m sharing them with you. Enjoy!


  1. Your office coffee mug may contain fecal bacteria.


  1. Drinking coffee daily appears to reduce the risk of suicide.big black mug


  1. Coffee is most effective if consumed between 9.30am and 11.30 am



  1. There’s a cafe in France where coffee is more expensive if you forget your manners.


  1. New Yorkers drink almost 7 times more coffee than other cities in the US.

Since coffee is my fave drink, naturally Tira Mi Su is my favorite

 “pick me up” with my coffee. Here is a recipe I can’t wait to try!

piece of tiramisu on white plate


And of course there’s this coffee scene from my book, Forbidden Kisses.

The sweet aroma of caramel quieted anxious thoughts as I lifted my cup and inhaled. I couldn’t wait for the flavors in the cappuccino to mingle on my tongue. I leaned back in my chair, closed my eyes, and brought the cup to my lips.

“Layla?”Forbidden Kisses EBook

“Yes?” My head whipped in the direction of my name. The deep voice caught my attention; his eyes however, held my focus—deep-set, the color of faded blue jeans. Mesmerizing.

“I believe this is your caramel cappuccino.” He held a cup identical to the one in my hand, except his had my name on it, and the one I almost drank from read—

“I’m Ethan. You picked up the wrong cup.”

“Sorry.” I held it out to him. “I didn’t drink from it.”

“I might not have minded if you did.”

Oh, God. The dimples that appeared when he smiled caused a flutter in my chest.

With his gorgeous eyes pinned on me, he took a sip from the cup I gave him. “Thanks for keeping it hot.” He winked and sat at the table next to mine. READ MORE

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Finally – @UMHiram

Today I have the pleasure of hosting another fellow Navy Veteran, U.M. Hiram.  Her latest release is in my Kindle library and after reading this steamy excerpt, you’ll want it in yours as well.


Author: U.M. Hiram

Genre: Contemporary Romance Fiction

Release Date: April 4, 2017




After four years of love and trials, Michelle finally received the marriage proposal of her dreams. It seemed as if all was right in their world until Michael’s roaming ways caught up to him and caused him to make the worse possible decision of his life. Lives were forever changed and destiny played out in the most unexpected ways.


While the bags were taken to their master bedroom, Michelle made a beeline to the massive sized terrace that had a direct view to the vividly colored blue ocean.

Once everything was placed and Michael went over a few things with Armstrong, he finally had Michelle all to himself. Oh, what is a man to do? Granted, he didn’t miss the assessment that Michelle had made of their concierge but he wasn’t worried. Especially since he was getting ready to have her mind focused solely on him.

He took a few minutes and watched her looking out across the calm waters and breathing in the tropical air then made his way over to where she stood.

Placing his hands on either side of her body, Michael leaned over and whispered “Alone at last. Oh what shall we do?”

Michelle slowly turned to face him brushing up against his hard body. “Oh I can think of a few things that we could be doing right now. Let’s start with a hot shower.”

“How hot do you want it?” he asked searching her face.

“As hot as you can make it,” she replied in a sexy tone that had the lower part of his body reacting in a swift, hard manner.

With that she removed his right arm, opening up a passageway to make her way to the master bedroom. Pausing before disappearing into the huge space, she asked seductively “Are you coming?”

“Yes and you will be shortly.”

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About the Author UMHiramPic

U.M. Hiram is a self-published author, entrepreneur and retired Navy veteran. She enjoys writing, reading, sports and spending time with her family. Her writing experience includes articles, blogs, editing, interviews, press releases and poetry. Future endeavors include writing and publishing a number of books in the romance, poetry and inspirational genres.

Fast Lane PoetryThe Chronicles of Life Poetry and Food for Thought: Inspiration for the Mind & Soul are her previously published works. She also had a poem entitled “My Symbol” included in the compilation book Collected Whispers by The International Library of Poetry. Professional memberships include Romantic Times, The Independent Author Network and Association of Independent Authors.

Contact U.M.



Time is Running Out

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1 offense.jpgHere’s a taste of Forbidden Kisses:
The music at Hamilton Lanes pumped loudly through speakers in the ceiling. Wavy locks hung around Layla’s face as she tied her shoelaces. She tucked the wayward strands behind her ear and smiled at me. “So, are you any good?” She’d caught me off guard, and for a moment, I didn’t know how to answer. That had to be an innuendo.
“At bowling?” A smile worked its way onto my face as I teased.
“What else would I be referring to?” There was no mistaking the flirting in her words.
“Could be any number of things.”
“Why don’t you fill in the blank how you see fit?” She retrieved a ball from the rack, letting her fingers graze my thigh as she slunk past me.
“Okay.” I held her gaze so she’d know I wasn’t joking. “Yes.”
“Yes?” She raised one eyebrow.
I closed her in by the ball rack. “I’m extremely good.”
“Fill in the blank as you see fit. The answer will still be ‘yes‘.”


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