Remember Love

Izzy’s screams of passion were loud enough to wake the dead, or at least wake the people in the room next door. I wasn’t particularly fond of her noise level, but I did love the way her boobs jiggled with every thrust. A powerful current worked its way through my body and I poured out a release that was damn near earth shattering. I graded that one a “B”. It would’ve only been a “C” if I hadn’t been thinking about Lexi the whole time.  It wasn’t Izzy’s fault. She gave great head, contorted herself into whatever position I wanted her and didn’t take too damn long to come. But although my cock was willing, my heart wasn’t in it.
Less than a minute later, I eased out of my coworker and her twin size bed.
“You’re leaving?”
“Yeah. I’m gonna go study for my exam.”
“I thought we could go grab some dinner.” That had been our routine for a few weeks now. After work, we’d meet up for sex, a few beers and then dinner.
I quickly pulled on the clothes I’d left on her roommate’s bed. “Maybe some other time.” I kissed her cheek and headed for the door.
“Is something wrong?”
Yeah. You’re not Lexi. Months of fucking blondes, brunettes, civilians, Navy, those two college students, that crazy woman from Jersey and I still couldn’t get over the love of my life. This month it was Petty Officer Isabel Torres. One of the best mechanics in our squadron. She was just as hot as any of the other women I’d been with this past year. Almost as hot as the crazy woman from Jersey. But none of them could fill the void Alexis left when she walked out on me.
“Nothing’s wrong. I just need to study for this chief’s exam.” That was the truth. At least part of it. I was up for Chief Petty Officer, and I did not want to bomb this test again. But the main reason I was anxious to get out of Izzy’s room, came in today’s mail and lay on the desk down the hall in my own room.
I walked into my room and picked up the crumpled papers on my desk. Two stapled pages with one of those bumpy seals at the bottom which meant it was an official document. I studied it again, probably the tenth time since I’d received it this afternoon. Nothing had changed. All the same words were still there. My name. My wife’s name. And some mumble jumble bullshit about divorce.