Steamy Connections

Expected release ~ Winter 2018/2019

Steamy Connections Ebook

After an accident leaves embarrassing scars on Erin Parker’s face, she makes plans to have plastic surgery. Desperate for cash, she takes a gig as a phone sex operator.
It’s pretty straightforward. Talk dirty, fake a few orgasms and get paid. Easy.

Soon she develops an honest connection to a repeat caller whose deep, gravelly voice drives her wild.
But the first rule of business is never get close to her clients. Crossing the line is out of the question.

Until one reckless night . . . .
She acts on impulse and agrees to meet the man who could melt her panties just with words.

Adam Bennett seems like the ultimate catch.
He’s funny, smart and caring. He makes her feel alive. Wanted.

But with insecurities about her appearance crushing her self-confidence, will Erin find the courage to face her fear of rejection? Or will she miss out on a chance at lasting happiness?


“How was your day?” Erin asked anything she could think of to keep Adam talking.
“It was okay. Nothing exciting. What about you?”
“Nothing exciting here, either.” She kept her voice calm, a contradiction to the tension building inside her.
“Well, then, I guess it’s a good thing I called. Seems we could both use some excitement.”
“Do you want me naked?” She teased. He always wanted her naked.
“You know I do. What are you taking off first?”
“Well, I actually just finished showering. I had a feeling you might call so the only thing I put on were these lacy, little red panties. They barely cover my ass.”
“I bet you look delicious. Describe yourself.”
“I’ve described myself to you a hundred times. You could draw a picture of me and it would be accurate.”
“Humor me.” She could tell he was smiling. He was playful and always seemed to be in a good mood. And that voice. Deep. Sexy. Just hearing it made her body respond.
“Five-Five, red hair, grey eyes, boobs slightly larger than average.” Adam was the only caller to whom she’d given an accurate description. With him she could be herself. “Now you.”
“You sure you wanna hear it again?”
“Humor me.”
“I’m six feet with a somewhat muscular build. I have dark hair, hazel eyes and a little bit of facial hair. Nothing to write home about.”
She closed her eyes, allowed an image to form in her head, and smiled. “Are you stroking yourself while you talk to me?”
“Always. I’m already hard thinking about you.”
Erin giggled. “What would you do if we were together right now?”
“I’d have my hands and mouth all over you.”