Steamy Connections

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Steamy Connections Ebook

After an accident leaves her with an embarrassing facial scar, Erin makes plans to have plastic surgery as quickly as possible. Desperate to acquire a large amount of money in a short amount of time, she takes a gig as a phone sex operator. But as she grows close to a repeat caller with a sexy voice, insecurities about her physical appearance rise higher than ever.

On the other side of town, something strange is happening at a cozy little inn. Romantic reunions, hot hook-ups and even lasting love are rumored to be the result of Cupid’s magic and the strange but delicious cocktails he serves at the bar.

When Erin bumps into her favorite caller at the mysterious inn, she must decide if she can lower her defenses enough to let him see all of her perfect imperfections.

Can the mysterious bartender serve up just the right recipe to convince Erin to take a chance on happiness?



“Do you want me naked?” Adam always wanted her naked. And she enjoyed giving him what he wanted.
“You know I do. What are you taking off first?”
“Well, I’m only wearing a thong right now.”
“What color?”
“Red. Satin.” She continued in a smoky, playful voice. “I just slipped it off, so now I’m wearing nothing but a smile.”
“Describe yourself.”
“I’ve described myself to you a hundred times. You could draw a picture of me and it’d be accurate.”
“Humor me.” The smile in his voice warmed her.
“Five-Five, red hair, grey eyes, boobs slightly larger than average.” Adam was the only caller to whom she’d given a true description. With him she could be herself. “Now you.”
“You sure you wanna hear it again?”
“Humor me.”
“I’m six feet with a somewhat muscular build. I have dark hair, hazel eyes and a little bit of facial hair. Nothing to write home about.”
She closed her eyes and allowed an image to form in her mind. Excitement flowed through her as she imagined him next to her. “What are you doing right now?”
“I’m lying on my bed, stroking myself. Talking to you turns me on.”
“And what would you do if I were right next to you?”



**Steamy Connections was originally published in the Spring edition of the Bowman’s Inn**